Invoice Data Capture

Streamline your operation and remove manual paper processing from day one

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All the data, captured everytime
Extract maximum value from every invoice

Historically, paper has played the central role in delivering information for decades. However, we’ve come a long way since the days of manual process – in terms of how we collect, store, distribute and use that information – not least, via electronic invoicing.

World-class invoicing demands 100% digital adoption and straight-through processing from day one.

The key to Total AP lies in the invoice data capture software we’ve built to guarantee the way those invoices are digitised, processed and paid brings you and your suppliers the most value.

Invoice Data Capture

IDC delivers fast, effective benefits to the AP process, with minimal disruption

Instant ROI
Undisrupted relationships
The bottom line
A simple, single portal

Extract maximum value from every invoice

  • ERP and Workflow Agnostic
  • Supported in 25 languages with special characters
  • Guidance on PO Box locations under border & local restrictions
  • Capture accuracy of 99%
  • No customer validation needed
  • ERP and Workflow rules can be leveraged
  • Short- and long-term paper archival
  • Rejection errors given ‘illegible documents’, ‘duplicate’
  • Attachments accepted
  • Line level analytics available

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