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Realise 100% invoice digitisation from day one, accommodating all your suppliers, regardless of size, location, or maturity with Total AP

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Digitisation of Accounts Payable drives significant benefits across the organisation


The Pillars Driving Total AP

100% Invoice Digitisation
Country Compliance
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How it works

Streamline and simplify AP processes from initial receipt of invoices right through to your customers’ payment submission, providing exception management and complete visibility of invoice data throughout. Your suppliers can check their invoice status online, reducing the need for calls and emails, avoiding added costs and wasted time, whilst increasing productivity and savings for both you and your suppliers.
  • Flexible Delivery Options - Process invoices received via direct integration with Tungsten Network including paper-based documents, emailed PDFs, and supplier portal.
  • Invoice Status Service - Your customers are engaged in the process and able to oversee their invoicing digitally, without needing to contact you.
  • End-to-end visibility - Monitor payment processing in the ERP system and pull back the associated payment data to provide end-to-end visibility from invoice receipt to payment.
  • Analytics - Access real-time, line-level data to identify price variances, ensuring spend compliance to improve procurement decisions.

A world-class AP process delivering real business value

End-to-end process visibility of 100% of your invoices.
Access real-time, line-level data to identify price variances and improve procurement decisions.
Suppliers realise guaranteed invoice delivery and real time invoice status, reducing calls and emails by up to 60%.
Receive every single invoice digitally, regardless of a supplier's chosen submission format.
Eradicate invoice exceptions – With Total AP, Tungsten can catch and reject bad data before an invoice is created.
Dedicated global enrolment teams to get your suppliers onboard.
Comply with government mandates including India, Italy, Mexico and more.
Get ahead of future legislation and remain compliant around the world.
Secure and compliant archiving of invoices that meet local requirements.

Compliance around the world

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