Gain Control Over Accounts Payable with Process Automation

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Is your AP staff spending valuable time matching PO-based invoices, approving non-standard invoices, and processing exceptions?


The AP automation capabilities you’ve been waiting for

Automatic PO matching
Automated transactions
End-to-end visibility
Multiple input methods
Invoice status service
Exception management
Control your workflow
Advanced Capture
Non-PO process

Flexible and highly configurable

Tungsten Network Workflow easily integrates with SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, and JD Edwards, enabling companies to maximise their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system investments.

Workflow is customised for your department based on industry best practices. Flexible and highly configurable, Tungsten Network Workflow lets you test, measure and manage process changes, continually refining the effectiveness and efficiency of your AP function.


Combine with Advanced Capture for increased ROI

Data validation
Cloud-based solution

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