Purchase Order Services

Guaranteed delivery, total oversight and on-time payments

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A complete suite of functionality
Deliver more value to your AP process

PO Services supports your AP team from purchase order to invoice – through digital delivery, acknowledgment, two-way invoice matching & minimised exceptions.

Access straight-through processing efficiency and channel those benefits into your business, with less disruption, fewer delays and reduced costs to your bottom line.

PO Services can work to help AP teams achieve greater visibility and control over POs, as a fundamental feature of Total AP service.

PO Services

An end-to-end process to support your operations

PO Delivery
PO Acknowledgement 
PO Convert 
PO Compliance & Validation
PO Services

Guarantee visibility of 100% of your AP process

Guaranteed and accurate PO Delivery
Line-level acknowledgement
Zero exceptions on invoices
Increase on-time payment rate
Real-time reporting of PO statuses
Aggregate PO data for Procurement & AP analysis
PO Services
How PO Services works
In business, every purchase should start with a PO and every payment should end with an invoice.

It makes sense that these two documents should flow together seamlessly through the P2P cycle, accelerating your back-office journey to world-class.

We can remove the burden of delivery that all too often slows down procurement and payment cycles and navigate the complex nature of acknowledgements.

However, the real value comes though eliminating invoice exceptions for both you and your supplier, saving your teams thousands of hours of dispute resolution and – more importantly – thousands of pounds off the bottom line.

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